How does licensing/pricing work in TeamCity Cloud?

TeamCity Cloud pricing is a subscription model based on the number of committers. All users who author 10 or more VCS changes (commits) in a month require an active committer slot in TeamCity Cloud. Each committer subscription grants a set of build resources that can be used in TeamCity Cloud for build minutes on our JetBrains-hosted agents, redeemed for self-hosted build agents, or used to add additional cloud storage or data transfer capacity. Web users are unlimited and do not require a license or subscription. 

Committer slots include 40 GB of storage, 200 GB of data transfer, and 8,000 build credits per user. Your available build resources scale alongside the number of committer subscriptions you purchase. Build credits can be flexibly redeemed for build time, storage, and other build resources as needed.

At the end of each month, any remaining build credits from your subscription expire and a new set of build credits is replenished.

Additional build credits or build resources can be purchased on-demand. Build credits purchased this way do not expire.

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