What are “build credits” and how can they be utilized in TeamCity Cloud?

For each committer slot purchased, TeamCity Cloud customers are granted a set of build resources which include build credits, storage, and data transfer.

Build credits can be redeemed in TeamCity Cloud for build time on our JetBrains-hosted agents or exchanged at a flat rate for self-hosted build agents. You can also exchange build credits for additional storage or data transfer. Build credits act as your “currency” in TeamCity Cloud.

There are two ways to add more build credits to your TeamCity instance. You can add additional committer slots, which come with a set of build credits, or if you don’t require any additional committers, you can purchase build credits on-demand, separate from your subscription. More information is available on our pricing page.

Build credits from your subscription (credits you receive alongside each committer) expire at the end of each month and are replenished at the beginning of the next month. Build credits purchased on-demand do not expire.

Contact us if you need help estimating your build credit requirements, or need help with pricing and quotations.

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