What is a JetBrains-hosted build agent?

In TeamCity Cloud, we provide build agents (with various instance sizes and OS platforms) that can be used out of the box, without any additional configuration. These build agents are configured, maintained, and hosted by JetBrains. When a build is added to the queue, an agent matching the build requirements will automatically spin up and start your build.

Each minute of build time on JetBrains-hosted build agents will draw on your build-credit allotment at a rate dependent on the build instance type being used.

We will also offer prepaid monthly build agents for customers who can more accurately predict their build agent utilization. This feature is not yet available, but will be coming soon.

JetBrains-hosted build agents come with a preinstalled set of commonly used build software. You can view a complete list in [our documentation]. Additionally, TeamCity build configurations allow you to run build steps within a Docker container. This provides the ability to execute build steps which require software that may not be on the build agents by default.

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