What are your SLAs for uptime and support?

Full TeamCity Cloud Terms of Service including our SLA's are available here. 

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to make TeamCity Cloud available to you at least 99% of the time. We track TCC’s availability using our monitoring systems, which does not include unavailability resulting from the following:

a) when TCC is offline and/or unavailable and we let you know at least twenty-four (24) hours before the unavailability;

b) failures of our network, including failures or delays contributed to by an internet service provider;

c) issues caused by Third-Party Software;

d) TCC features that we describe as ‘early access’, ‘alpha’, ‘beta’, ‘testing’, ‘nightly build’, or similar;

e) failures attributable to our equipment, services, technology, or Data; or

f) circumstances beyond our reasonable control (see the ‘Force Majeure’ section

We prefer to keep our support efforts as close to the development team as possible, and you will often get answers from the actual developer of the related TeamCity feature.
We offer technical support services in the English language during the business hours of 10:00 - 18:00 CET/CEST (Germany, GMT+1/GMT+2 timezone).

Our usual response time is 24 hours excluding public holidays in Germany/Bavaria. We do not offer SLA's for support. If you experience an urgent issue, please indicate this in the subject of the email message and detail the nature of the urgency.

TeamCity Cloud customers may contact us via the online support form or email

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