Artifacts are not cleaned up (Team City 9.1.6 Enterprise)


We are using TeamCity Enterprise 9.1.6 (build 37459). I have a minimal build configuration that has a single Power Shell build step that creates a new file:

  New-Item new_file.txt -type file

I have also configured the below artifact paths:

  new_file.txt =>

Under the Clean-up rules I have set the following rule for artifacts for a build configuration:

  Artifacts older than the 1st successful build; artifact patterns: +:**/*

Meaning that only one artifact should be kept. I have now run the build several times but it keeps artifacts for all builds:


Why are the artifacts not cleaned up? I took a look at the data directory:


And they are all there. What am I missing?



  1. The builds are NOT pinned
  2. The build is NOT used as a source for artifact dependency in other builds
  3. The build is NOT used as a snapshot dependency in other builds
  4. No builds were manually deleted within the last day.

I also looked at:


But did not find an answer.




Hi Johannes,

By default clean-up process runs once a day. You can check it on Administartion >  Clean-up Settings page.

Did the clean-up run after the last builds and after you set up rules? If not, please run it manually and check if the builds are deleted.


Thanks for the quick response.

Yes I did try to run that manually but for one of our project it has no effect. I have created that project from scratch again and triggering the clean up manually now seems to work for that project too.

It could be great if the clean-up would be triggered when the limit was reached for each build config though - we will have lots of pushes going in during a single workday with potentially lots of artifacts.


Currently it's only possible configure (via UI) clean-up to trigger once a day. Please vote for the request:
As workaround you can trigger clean-up via emulating the clean-up start action sent from browser, see the comment with example request.


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