clean-up not removing artifacts

Hi, TC-newbie here.

I'm using TeamCity 8.1.4, my cleanup rule is "Artifacts more than 25 days older than the last build; artifact patterns +:**/*, Other items are kept forever; Do not prevent dependency artifacts cleanup".

My project's "Artifact paths" says:*.ipa => IPAs*.zip => dSYMs

Looking on my server, at ~teamcity/.BuildServer/system/artifacts/<SomeProject>, I see many directories named in the pattern "NNN" (which I assume is, and inside each of those, "IPAs" and "dSYMs".

Many of these NNN directories are older than 25 days.  Shouldn't they have been cleaned?  Or does publishing the two sub-directories prevent cleanup?

In general, is there any way to debug the cleanup process, such as seeing the reason a given (directory or file) was or wasn't deleted?

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Hi, according to our documentation ( the following builds (and their artifacts won't be deleted):

Also, you can find information about cleanup process in teamcity-server.log.

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Thanks for the hints, Sergey, however

1) I don't think the undeleted artifacts belong to builds that satisfy any of the 4 requirements you list (pinned, source for artificial dependency in builds that 'prevent cleanup...', snapshot dependency of undeleted build, belong to a recently deleted configuration).   (Although I confess I'm not sure how to check for the 2nd or 3rd ones).

2) I don't find a "teamcity-server.log", either on my server or in the documentation.  Did you mean teamcity-agent.log?  If so, that file does have lines include "artifact" and lines with "clean", but the only lines that contain both say: "INFO - ages.freeSpace.CleanHandleImpl - Removing files under /Users/teamcity/teamcity_agent_home/system/.artifacts_cache with Artifacts cache cleaner".

3) Note, I have turned on logging, via Administration > Server Administration > Diagnostics > Active logging preset: <debug-all>.   

So my question stands: is there any way to debug the cleanup process, such as seeing the reason a given (directory or file) was or wasn't deleted?

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Cleanup rules are applied only to TC server. Cleanup on TC agent is not configurable via WebUI. I'm a bit confused, because the original path you mentioned (.BuildServer/system/artifacts/) belongs to TC server, but the second (/Users/teamcity/teamcity_agent_home/system/.artifacts_cache) is an agent's folder.

Server's log teamcity-server.log is located under <TC installation>/logs/. Also, you can view (and download this log) from Web UI: Administration > Server Administration > Diagnostics > Server Logs.

There are some logging during cleanup process, which is usually enough to understand the reason.

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Thanks for the explanation of how to find "teamcity-server.log" in the WebUI.  I also found it inside "/Library/TeamCity/logs" on the server.

There are many build-artfifacts directories that appear in the log, but still exist at the end of the cleanup.  Using just one example, ".BuildServer/system/artifacts/FOO_IOS/Enterprise\ Configuration/14614", I see in the log...

    [2015-01-14 03:00:00,004]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP - Preparing for clean-up...
    [2015-01-14 03:00:00,004]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP - Clean-up started...
    [2015-01-14 03:00:00,035]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP - Collecting builds depending on other builds...
    [2015-01-14 03:00:00,097]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP - Done collecting depending builds for each cleanup level
    [2015-01-14 03:00:00,100]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP - Processing Foo :: FOO iOS :: Enterprise Configuration {id=SixFlags_SixFlagsIOS_EnterpriseConfiguration, internal id=bt102}
    [2015-01-14 03:00:00,100]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -  Applying policy: clean ARTIFACTS more than 25 days older than the last build; artifact patterns: +:**/*
    [2015-01-26 03:00:04,962]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP - Processing builds pack #46 (6 left), build ids: [  <snip>...., 14614, ....<snip>]
    [2015-01-26 03:00:04,975]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP - Cleaning extensions data...
    [2015-01-26 03:00:04,975]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP - Deleting build artifacts...

But on the disk, that folder still exists, and contains these items.

     136 Jan 22 09:10 14614
    6148 Jan 22 09:10 14614/.DS_Store
     136 Dec  8 10:25 14614/.teamcity
     136 Dec  8 10:25 14614/.teamcity/properties
    2604 Dec  8 10:25 14614/.teamcity/properties/
    2604 Dec  8 10:25 14614/.teamcity/properties/
     102 Dec  8 10:25 14614/.teamcity/settings
      40 Dec  8 10:25 14614/.teamcity/settings/digest.txt

Shouldn't this directory have been deleted?  Does TeamCity get tricked by the existence of the .DS_Store file (an OS X artifact)?

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Files under .teamcity contain build-related information. They will only be deleted, when the build itself is deleted.


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