Loading versioned settings on new server does nothing


I have a running server instance (on docker), I have the root project storing everything (which seems correct based on the commits) in git via Version Settings.

I'm coming to deploy to a fresh server instance, and I wanted to load the entire project (doesn't matter about old artifacts etc), but when I setup the Versioned Settings VCS and enable synchronisation, nothing seems to happen. It disables synchronisation and just says 

  • [21:33:07]: Importing project settings from VCS

(The clock is infact an hour behind, but I'm hoping thats irrevelent)

I cannot find any logs or anything information at all about progress, errors etc. Nothing changes in my root project, my VCS root of the versioned settings hasn't changed...

Is this NOT how I'm supposed to "load" a project from versioned settings?

The only other post I saw was this, but the amount of dangerous tweaking doesn't sound quite right... (I tried creating subprojects with the same name as projects in VCS but saw no difference)


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Hello Graham,

Unfortunately currently there is no ability to create a project using only VCS versioned settings. We have a feature request https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-40608. Please vote for it.


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