Loading versioned project settings into new installation

Assuming I have versioned settings for a project stored in github, how can I load that project into a new TeamCity installation?

I have only had luck by doing the following:
1. create an empty project in the new TeamCity, with the exact same name as the existing project,
2. create a new vcs root, also with exactly the same name.
(This seems to link up the versioned settings, but does not load them from github into teamcity, so I need to force it:)
3. clone the repo from github, make an arbitrary change in a settings file (using a text editor), and push the changes to github.

I would like to simplyfy the steps. It should be as simple as simply doing a REST call specifying only the git URL, and TeamCity should figure out the project name and the vcs-root, and create the project and load the existing settings, all automatically.

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Maybe the simplest way for now is to clone this repository on server machine and copy all directories from .teamcity folder under <TeamCity Data Directory>/config/projects dir. You can do that with running server, it should pick up changes on the fly.


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