Team City - Conditional Builds

Hi there,

I am evaluating a move from Cruise Control .Net to Team City and am wondering about conditional builds. The situation I am after is that builds take place after every check-in like normal however every X number of builds (say 5 or 10) a longer build process than normal gets triggered/takes place.

Ideally in this longer process something like automated deployment might get triggered.

Appreciate any ideas on whether this would be achievable.

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Hi Simon

I am not sure you can do it on a number of builds but I personally would just set up a nightly process to do the longer build. That way you can get the best of both worlds, fast builds on check in and the full build over night.


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Like Paul noted, having two build configurations with different settings and different triggering rules is the most obvious and recommended approach.

We have a feature request to allow customizing builds on automatic triggering, so that you'd be able to trigger a bit "different" build by schedule.


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