Fail build if an stderr message is reported in the build log

TeamCity can detect messages on the standard error stream, you can see this as oranje messages in the build log:

Using the command line build step:
     exit /b 0

The build passes even though the build failure condition 'an error message is logged by build runner' is checked.  It seems this checkbox is only for TeamCity service messages with the status error.

I would like to fail a build if any std error stream messages are recording, to put it another way I would like to fail the build if any orange messages occur in the build log.  Is there any way to do this?  IMHO the checkbox mentioned above should perform this functionality.

We're using TeamCity Enterprise 8.0.6 (build 27767).

Andrew Fraser

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Hi Andrew,

There are three message types in TC: error (red), warning (orange) and info (gray).  
std error stream corresponds to TeamCity warnings. It is impelented so because lots of messages are put in std error stream (for example timeout), which usually should not fail a build. So for command line only exit code not equals 0 corresponds to TeamCity error message. (For other type of runners there are more cases).
In your case you can:
1. Return non-zero exit code or set build status using service messages from script
2. Use something like this (or bash -e)

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I understand and have used service messages.  The problem in this case is the build is run by a lot of very large build scripts.  I do not want to change the scripts if possible.  I take it there's no way to cause the build to fail if a stderr message is reported?  If that is the case I may need to write a wrapper that catches the stderr stream and sets the exitcode appropriately if anything is caught, I was hoping to avoid this.

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Now there is no other way to perform it. Please watch/vote for this issue

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Quote from Hyung Cho on the issue you linked to:

Exit code doesn't really well describe the build errors.  STDERR does.  Because command line errors are treated like warnings, error strings are not displayed on Teamcity Build Overview page either.  Teamcity already has build failure option of "an error message is logged by build runner", but this option doesn't work for command line error message.
I believe Teamcity is treating Command Line runner error message as warning message is simply wrong.  Error message is NOT warnings.

I absolutely agree with this and have voted for the issue.  Thank you for getting back to me quickly.


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