SMTP password is not settable

We are using TeamCity 2021.2. Our IT department has changes the password on our SMTP login account. It has a obvious difference in character quantity, so it is easy to see if it is updated.

When I update the SMTP password in the email notifier and hit the save key, the previous length password is shown. This occurs when the notifier is enabled or not.

When I enter the new password and hit test connection, it fails but still has the correct length of a password - I just do not think that it used it.

Any ideas?

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Hello Alma,

I was able to replicate this: when you update the SMTP password an, it does indeed show the previous length password, but it saves the new password - I pressed Test connection after with correct/incorrect passwords and I have obtained the expected result. Although it might be confusing that it shows a different length after saving, it seems to be working correctly.

Can you please verify that this is the case for you?

Thank you,


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It still didn't work for me but now I suspect there was something wrong with that smtp account. I was able to get it to work without the username and password. If TeamCity works for you, that confirms that my wonderful IT didn't setup my smtp account as I requested.


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