Manual operation / action on artifacts of a build?


I am not sure if this is possible or not, any help much appreciated. 

Our config is building versions of the code for multiple targets (Development Kits), the artifacts are essentially image files that can be uploaded to a Kit and executed.  What I would like to do is have an option where a user can select a particular completed build and it will be deployed to the appropriate kit.  The script to do the deployment isn't a problem, but I cannot see a way to have a manual selection of artifacts to perform a task on, is this possible?

We don't want to always deploy every build, the kits may not be available etc, or the user may only be interested in a specific build number.

Hopefully this isn't going to have to be some horrible external UI I need to construct, I really don't want to subject people to my UI design skills :)



Hi! This should be possible out-of-the-box. In your deployment configuration settings, add an Artifact Dependency on the configuration that produces the artifact. By default, the configuration will use an artifact based on some criteria you specify in the artifact dependency settings. But if you want it to deploy the artifact of your choice, there are two options:

  1. Open the Run custom build dialog in the deploy configuration by clicking the three dots next to the Run button > Dependencies > pick the version of the artifact in the dropdown next to the configuration that produces the artifact.
  2. Promote the required build of the artifact-producing configuration to the deploy configuration.

Perfect! Thank you!  I hadn't spotted the Deployment configurations. 



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