AWS Cloud Profile changes not getting committed


We've been facing issues when changing the AWS Cloud Profiles configuration (updating to use a new AMI ID for on-demand and spot instances etc), TeamCity reverts the configuration back to the original. The TeamCity project configuration is stored in a Git repository

The changes from the UI are in the .teamcity/patches directory, but don't get applied. How can we fix this? 

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The patches should be applied manually. See this article for more details.

TC should, however, keep the changes made via the UI active, even while the patches are not yet applied. Which TC version do you use? 

Please provide the following:

  • teamcity-versioned-settings.log from the server side
  • screenshots of the 'Change Log' and 'Configuration' tabs of the Versioned Settings page.

Both the screenshots and log should cover the time when you made the changes via the UI and when TC reverted the configuration back.

You can upload both the log and the screenshots as an archive here: Don't forget to provide the upload id.


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