Adding integration and system tests for the TeamCity plugin

Hi, I am looking to add integration and system tests for a TeamCity plugin that I am developing. My test strategy is to create a TeamCity project which uses the plugin, build it and then read the build logs through REST APIs and verify presence of expected string in the logs. In few tests, I have to verify if artifacts(artifact generation part of the plugin) are generated in the project workspace. 

Q1. How to test the plugin in an automated way? The plugin is not released yet so how can I create a TeamCity project which uses the new features? For ex., Jenkins provides a Jenkins test harness through which project creation, build log searching methods are provided out of the box. Is there anything similar provided by TeamCity?

Q2. I am planning to have the build configurations in a Kotlin file and add it to the source code GitHub repo. How can I run the Kotlin file against the TeamCity instance from Q1?

Q3. Reading the build logs searching and verifying artifact generation, is there any better approach other than using REST APIs?

Thank you in advance!


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