Push nuget from local build server to TC Nuget Server

We have a new requirement where a local build server will start generating nuget and we plan to use an existing TC Nuget server rather than having a new one.

When I try to push the nuget from local build server to TC Nuget Server I get an unauthorized error. The command is as below

dotnet nuget push helloworld.1.0.7.nupkg -s https://myteamcityserver.internal/httpAuth/app/nuget/feed/_Root/Dev/v3/flatcontainer/helloworld/1.0.7/helloworld.1.0.7.nupkg -k <myapikey>

Thanks in advance.



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The easiest way to approach this is to simply publish the artifact as a build artifact for that specific build (or if you build them separately, then create a build that will pull it and publish it) after enabling the nuget feed for that project. That way not only the package but other contents of the build can be managed by the standard TC builds lifecycle if needed.

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