.net runner type devenv build log


Using devenv option in .net runner type, is there a way to display build log by compiled project the same way as the option msbuild. 

here is how it looks with devenv, as you see all projects are flatten (exact same way as the output in visual studio). though in visual studio there is an error list that show relevant error/warning list easy to read.


here is  the build log using msbuild, as you can see  the output is grouped by project, i can see if the project fails, gets warning or succeeds :

Sebastian, hello!

I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

To implement such functionality as folding or highlighting in the build log, TeamCity must be deeply integrated into the Visual Studio process by adding a logger to the process. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add it through the `devenv.exe` command line interface.

ok I understand, thanks for the reply


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