Connection to GitLab CE/EE issue


I created a connection to GitLab regarding to documentation (created an system OAuth application in GitLab and then copied application ID and secret to the TeamCity connection form). When I try to create a new project from GitLab, I have two buttons available: sign in to GitLab and refresh, none of GitLab repositories are visible. Refresh does actually nothing because after clicking it we're exactly where we started so the only reasonable way is to pick the Sign in to GitLab. Aaaaand here we go, when I click on it I get a new window with message "


The requested resource [/oauth/authorize] is not available

Check that the URL is correct."


URL displayed in address bar in this window is https://<our TeamCity URL>/oauth/authorize?client_id=4c2bbc87ff598e1488f6f5b9799fba3c62df106d0659e7bb82a838d0136c8deb&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2F<our TeamCity URL>%2Foauth%2Fgitlab%2FaccessToken.html&response_type=code&scope=api&state=eyJjb25uZWN0aW9uSWQiOiJQUk9KRUNUX0VYVF8zIiwiYWN0aW9uIjoiY29tcGxldGVBdXRob3JpemF0aW9uIiwiY2FsbGJhY2tVcmwiOiIvb2F1dGgvZ2l0bGFiL3JlcG9zaXRvcmllcy5odG1sP3Byb2plY3RJZFx1MDAzZF9Sb290XHUwMDI2Y29ubmVjdGlvbklkXHUwMDNkUFJPSkVDVF9FWFRfM1x1MDAyNnRva2VuT2J0YWluZWRcdTAwM2R0cnVlXHUwMDI2c2hvd01vZGVcdTAwM2RjcmVhdGVQcm9qZWN0TWVudSIsInJlcXVlc3RLZXkiOiJwUml0Z2tPckdBdnA2RjFyZzlMS2kxcTNSbU1WWGZjTSIsInByb2plY3RJZCI6Il9Sb290In0=


Please help me to find a solution for this problem.

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