Teamcity failover (HA) timeout

1. We currently have 2 nodes pointing to 1 share in a new installation. I believe I read somewhere that if node 1 goes down, node 2 would take over after 3 minutes or so, is there a way to improve this timeout value? I couldn't find any other forum responses to this question.

2. Is there a way to make the second node the primary mode by default when the first node doesn't respond due to an outage or vice versa? from what I can tell the option in Teamcity under Administration > Nodes configuration 


Thank you

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Fedor Rumyantsev


Re: 1, not sure where that comes from as secondary node will continue being active when main node goes down; the only difference you will notice is that the user interface will be read-only, not allowing any configuration changes.

In regards to 2nd question, yes indeed, you may change the main node via the node responsibilities (please refer to this article for the details).


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