Kotlin DSL parallel run job in subprojects


Hello! I want to get support for run parallel job in subprojects.

I use subProjects for creating tree of projects. All subprojects contains similar jobs for build. My meta job can run all jobs by artifact and dependencies, but they run one by one, not parallel. I try to use documentation ( https://blog.jetbrains.com/teamcity/2019/04/configuration-as-code-part-4-extending-the-teamcity-dsl/ ) but can get success with parallel running subprojects job ( maybe this is impossible? ). 

Can you share code examples of this? 

Or it's only possible usings sequential and parallel with buildType, not subProjects  ? 





Hi! Are there free compatible agents to run the builds in parallel? I assume that since your builds do not run in parallel, they must be sitting in the build queue. What is the wait reason displayed by such builds?


Hi, Anatoly! Yes, we do not have any free agent for parallel buld. I see it so late, my mistake. Sorry, and thanks !


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