Duration value in the Tests tab?


I would like to know the duration value displayed in the tests tab what exactly is it for? it is associated with what's? is it the test execution duration ?why it's unit is in ms?

And one last question, is it possible to change its value by the duration of the execution of each test?

Thanks you in advance



The displayed duration shows how long it took to execute the given test case. If the test case was executed multiple times, the duration would be combined. If you indeed run the same test case multiple times and need to see individual executions' duration, I would recommend switching to the new UI using the vial icon on the top right and expanding the test case. That would show the duration of the test case per single execution.

I am not sure what you mean by the question of why it is in ms. It shows other units as well if the duration is long enough. If there is a problem with converting the reported duration to other units, please explain how you report the tests (e.g., with service messages, by parsing an XML report, the test are reported automatically by using a supported testing framework and build runner, etc.)




Thank you for your response, i reported the duration values manually via service message and it showed the exact values we wanted.




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