create project -> git command failed 128 -> unable to access... Failed to connect to port 443


Team city version 2022.04.2


Hello Team City Team,

Team city version 2022.04.2

I cannot create project with git, could you please give me some information? Thanks.

  • Team city start -> create project -> following error

git -c credential.helper= ls-remote origin command failed.

exit code: 128

stderr: fatal: unable to access'htttps://': Failed to connect to

  • In Server Administration\ Diagnostics\ Git

          Native git operations: enabled

  • I can git clone the project in windows cmd.
  • Proxy is seted in Team city\ Internal properties and git.

thanks and best regards


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Reason is, when team city use git in my pc, it loads setting from different path from the path, when i use git in cmd.

methode to solve this problem, is to save the proxy setting in c:\program files\...\ git\...


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