teamcity-google-template needs to be refreshed

This repo is very old and there are a lot of issues with it, and so desperately needs some loving attention:

Some issues:

  • network.jinja: Uses legacy network (not VPC), which is deprecated, causes error
  • network.jinja: Creates a network (not sure why this is required), which can run into quotas issues and time out.  This will create networks that span the globe across data centers.
  • service-account.jinja: uses actions, which Google says is no longer supported.
  • virtual-machine.jinja: hardcodes a reference to an image from projects/teamcitytest-166414/global/images/flatcar-stable. I am deducing that teamcitytest-166414 is a project under ownership of TeamCity and no longer accessible to the public domain?
  • teamcity.jinja.schema: instead of fetching latest stable, hardcodes static value of 2020.1.  The current version is 2022.04.2.  There's no instructions around this either.

Also in general, Google is promoting Terraform and pushing to migrate off Deployment Manager, still it would be nice to get this to work at some point.  Was it even tested?  There are deployment manager conversion tools from Google, but these will not work with actions used by service-account.jinja.


In the mean time, for anyone excited to try this out, but met with some of these issues, I wrote a gist that I am using for a blog that has set of steps and patches needed to make this work:

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