Configuration help on ever-increasing change count

For one of my build configurations, which is more of a custom deploy on Git Tag configuration, the number of changes will constantly increase.  Is there a way to reset those changes.  It is showing all changes from the beginning of time.

For context, once a tag is accepted in Github, the custom "deploy" build configuration is kicked off.  Everything is sucessful as far as the results of the build configuration (no need for help on that).  However, as you can see, the number of changes just keeps increasing.  The last run of the configuration there was <5 changes, but it seems to count everything.

Looking for either a way to reset on successful build run OR a better way to manage.

Thanks for the support.

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Hello Guarrdon,

A workaround might be to make a change in VCS root, and then revert it back.

Please let me know if it works for you!




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