VCS Root Settings for Kotlin DSL versioned settings also readonly


we recently updated our Teamcity Server to Teamcity Enterprise 2021.2.3 (Docker). 
We have versioned Settings for one of our Projects in Kotlin format. 
Since the update, we cannot longer edit the VCS root of the versioned settings, as the complete page has only disabled fields. 

Editing via UI is "enabled" for the root project, the teamcity variable 


is only applied to subprojects, not the rootproject itself as you can see in the following checkbox:

So, how can I switch now my default branch, change credentials, checkout rules etc.? 
I think this might be a bug in the new version? Or am I missing a setting for enabling the editing of the VCS root for versioned settings?

Kind Regards

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Hi Michael, do you still face this issue?


There is no restriction to modify the versioned settings root. Is it the only locked setting through the project?


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