User cannot connect to Bitbucket from Team City


I still facing an issue with a user that cannot connect to Bitbucket from Team City.

I tried to create a new root project.

'Parent project: equales to Root project 
  and entering, Repository URL, username and pasword
And clicking on the proceed button I receive follwoing message.

List remote refs failed: org.eclipse.jgit.errors.TransportException: not authorized

I can log into to the Bitbucket with the mentioned user that is failing from Team City.

And the user do have similar acces as my own user-id which does have any issue.

I have deleted GIT cache under administration without any result,  any suggestions.


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Solved the issue,  switched to Bitbucket Cloud app password since Bitbucket Cloud ended support for Atlassian account password usage for interacting with Bitbucket API and Git over HTTPS .


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