CredentialProvider.TeamCity.dll did not have a valid embedded signature


I have this problem: 

I'm try to deploy a c# .net 5 console app.

First deploy step is nuget packages install and is working fine.

Second step is build project and this step fail with this error:

C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\5.0.405\NuGet.targets(131,5): error : The plugin at 'C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\nuget-agent\bin\credential-plugin\net5.0\CredentialProvider.TeamCity.dll' did not have a valid embedded signature.
I'll attach some build logs.
Please may someone help me?
Upload id: 2022_02_24_Um6P9ytsk1BmMU5T (files: Acquisizione_Certificati_Medici_Build_Certificati_Medici_4.log, Acquisizione_Certificati_Medici_Build_Certificati_Medici_19.log)
Thanks a lot!

Also having the same problem. It seems that the authenticode certificate used for signing CredentialProvider.TeamCity.dll has expired on 28th April 2022 21:03:08. The current version 2022.04 was released just a couple hours before certificate expiration. Bad luck :)

JB please renew your cert and release fix version. Thanks.


I am running into this same issue, but it looks like the cause is due to a Root Certificate being expired:


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