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I wanted to config team city programmatically in Java (first start config: data dir, db, admin user account). I do it with simulating the browser process forms via http requests. My solution seems working until the last step: creating administrator account. I see here a bit complex logic in JS side, and I'm not sure now I'm able to do that. Could you please help me with that? If it is necessary I can do that with Selenium as well, but it sounds a bit lame to me.



It is possible to perform an unattended TeamCity installation using by using a preconfigured data directory. You can find out more about the topic and follow up in the following youtrack item:

It is also referred in TeamCity old documentation.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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Hey hey,

Thank you for your answer. So if I understand correctly, I should set up the db (via this command maybe:

 maintainDB new-db -A /Path/to/TeamCity/DataDirectory --init

), then I have to set to file the connectionUrl parameter, and I have to turn off maintenance mode with this parameter: teamcity.startup.maintenance.

I found this in the following issue:



Those should indeed be the necessary steps.

Please let us know if you were successful or if you have any more questions.

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Hey Guilherme,

Thank you, tough the script didn't work, I find out the way via http request to initialize TeamCity.

My other problem is: it is a "versioned settings" menu under the projects. It is a REST API to turn it off/on maybe, or will have you plan it? I would like to use it as well, and avoid this http request way, if it is possible.




Hello Zsolt,

I am glad that you found a workaround! You should already be able to turn on/off the Versioned Settings by using the edit project feature method from the REST API. You can find more about it in our documentation:

Please let me know if this works for you.

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