Unity Standalone log isn't created when launching it as part of a Team City build.


Hello. I'm creating as imple test that checks if a Unity Standalone Build has launched, based on a message that should appear in log when I launch the game with a specific argument. This works when launching the game with a following command:

"[REDACTED PATH TO .EXE]" -batchMode LaunchBuildTest

If I just put it manually into the commandline, the build launches and log is created, as intended. However, if I put the exact same command into Command Line build step's Custom Script, it doesn't. The build does indeed launches, as I can see in Task Manager, but the log is not created, meaning I can't read it for the message.

Please note that the log I'm talking about is not the Team City Build Log, but Unity Standalone Player log which should appear in C:\Users\macie\AppData\LocalLow\companyname\gamename\Player.log

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Hi! If you use JetBrains's Unity plugin for TeamCity, by default, the log file is saved to <Build agent gome>\temp\agentTmp. That directory is cleaned after each build, though. You can use the Custom log path field to set the log file location.

If you run the build using the Command Line runner in TeamCity, you should look up the log in the AppData of the user who starts the build agent. Or use the -logFile parameter of Unity.exe to specify the log location explicitly.



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