Unmet requirements: Exists=>MSBuildTools17\.0_.+_Path exists


I have a Visual Studio 2019 solution I want to build with dependencies to .NET 4.8 framework and .NET 5.0.

I have installed VS2019, and the .NET5.0 SDK. The agent reports it cannot build my project (solution) because of unmet requirements.

Unmet requirements: Exists=>MSBuildTools17\.0_.+_Path exists

How can I fix this? I tried setting DOTNET_HOME in the buildAgent.properties file, and restarted the Agent service.


I'm unexperienced with TeamCity, wanted to investigate if it would work more user friendly than Jenkins.

I don't want to install VS2022.

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Managed to solve it after some searching around in the settings.

Aministration/[project]/Build Steps => edit build step, choose appropriate MSBuild version in the settings.

Probably a installation order mismatch (I installed VS2019 after I installed TeamCity) ?


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