Teamcity agent container - kubernetes cloud profile Issues

We create the cloud profile for kubernetes agent using the "run single container" method and using the "jetbrains/teamcity-agent:latest-windowsservercore" image as we want a windows container for our builds.

The container start and then completes "successfully" and provides these logs:

Will create a new using distribution
TeamCity URL: (*OMITTED*)
Will prepare agent configuration
Looking for installed Java...
Java executable is found: 'C:\Program Files\Java\OpenJDK\jre\bin\java.exe'
Starting TeamCity Build Agent Launcher...
Agent home directory is C:\BuildAgent
Received stop command from console.
Unable to locate agent port file: C:\BuildAgent\logs\buildAgent.xmlRpcPort
Agent is not running?
Unable to locate agent configuration file by path: C:\BuildAgent\bin\..\conf\
Agent URL is not found neither in pid file nor in configuration file; using default (http://localhost:9090).
Sending agent force shutdown command to: http://localhost:9090
Failed to shutdown agent gracefully: Connection refused: connect


The build agent pool then just keep trying to create another and another container...

Am I supposed to be mounting a volume with a build agent config or something? There's nothing in the docs that says I need to and no input field in the cloud profile config for it either.

What am I missing?

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