Project Disaapeared after 7 days, Twice

hi there,

i had multiple instance that the project folder got deleted.

the first time was on 1/9/2021. I was supprised that my site was not running, and i loggin to the server and saw the folder was completed deleted. I run TeamCity and build the project again. and site was running.

on 9/9/2021, same thing happened again. so i rebuild the site using team city and did abit more research. and find out that thre is a clean up setting running daily at 3am. i disabled the "Periodical Clean Up" sit is running.

on 17/9/2021, site was deleted again. even i had the "Periodical Clean Up" disabled 

now just incase teamcity randomly delete project folder again. i copied the Webroot folder out and run the IIS in the new folder. hope Teamcity cannot delete the folder i created by copy and paste.


addition info. i have c: and d: on the clould server, team city installed in C:/TeamCity. the project output folder was in d:/Dev


anyone can help? thanks

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