New agent can't connect after changing teamCity URL



We changed URL name for teamcity server and thus needs to update configurations of agents, so they would use new URL. But this doesn't work on previously configured workstations. If we install an agent to a new workstation everything works. If we re-configure the previously existing workstation it doesn't work. Even if we do these steps:

1. Completely uninstall the agent

2. Install a new one and enter a new URL in its settings.

3. Agent is succesfully connected and immediately get a request to update itself.

4. After the upgrade it automatically tries to connect to the old URL even though its config isn't changed. 

It's not clear where the old URL comes from at all, since in TeamCity everythign is set to a new URL

Logs of the agents is uploaded here (Upload id: 2021_09_17_7zP4FHT8XHPTs35L (file: teamcity-agent.log))



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Hi Andrew!

A bit late, but if the issue is still topical, please check the Cloud Profile settings. It looks like the agent is an Azure cloud agent and the Cloud Profiles allow overriding the server URL specified in the global settings



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