Lingering configuration parameter


A little perplexed on this. Per my usual builds I've copied my template and gone about my usual business of adding in the specifics to the build configuration. 

My build is for a docker image so it references another project for the artifact, which appears several times in this config. 

What am I doing wrong that TC is requesting a value for this?

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Hi! Somewhere in the affected build configuration, you refer to a dependency build configuration's parameter named, but the affected config doesn't have a dependency on configuration with the id WebUI_AgentReports_BuildAgentReports. You should check:

1. If you need the reference to the said dependency parameter in the settings of the affected configuration. If not, then remove the reference.
2. If the ID for the dependency configuration to whose parameter you are referring to is correct.
3. If a snapshot or an artifact dependency on the configuration with id WebUI_AgentReports_BuildAgentReports is set up in the affected build configuration's settings.

I hope this helps.



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