Update the values of system properties before VCS is fetched.


I want to update the system properties of the project before it fetches the VCS. In the following image, I want to update %my_custom_variable% and replace it with other value before the server fetches and VCS and pass it to the agent.

I have checked the  following method under BuildStartContextProcessor interface, but it can only update parameters after VCS is fetched and before it is started on a build agent.

void updateParameters​(@NotNull BuildStartContext context)

I can be able to capture the event before the server fetches the VCS with buildStarted method of BuildServerAdapter. Please check the following code. But I still couldn't find any method to update the parameters. May I know if team city provides the API on what I'm trying to achieve? Can someone please guide me on this?

public class CustomServerAdaptor extends BuildServerAdapter {

    public EventDispatcher<BuildServerListener> dispatcher;

    public SSLTrustStoreProvider trustStoreProvider;

   public CustomServerAdaptor(EventDispatcher<BuildServerListener> dispatcher, SSLTrustStoreProvider trustStoreProvider){

        this.dispatcher = dispatcher;

        this.trustStoreProvider = trustStoreProvider;




    public void buildStarted(SRunningBuild build){

        Logger logger = Loggers.SERVER;

        logger.info("logging from build server adaptor");

        Map<String, String> properties = build.getBuildOwnParameters();
// Here I can get the value of my property. But I couldn't update my property to the new value

        for (Map.Entry<String, String> kv : properties.entrySet() ) {

              logger.info("-----logging for params-------");






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