is it possible to create a build trigger that points to a parent project


to get in context, i'm currently running a build (A) that gets triggered with a successful run of another build (B). (B) is subject to versionning, so potentially many versions of (B) can exist, but only the latest verison of (B) is set to be the main version of the build. in addition, all of these versions are under a parent project.

the inconvenience i'm facing is that, everytime a new (B) gets created. i'll have to manually update the trigger in (A) so as to always have it point at the latest (B). my question is, is there a way to have the trigger point direcltly at the parent project; and if doing so would also means keeping track of all the changes happening within the parent project? if not, are there any means through which i won't have to do the manual trigger update? 

thanks in advance

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How do you currently have the trigger configured in Build A? Can you share a screenshot?

Are there times where Build A would be triggered without Build B finishing a build? For example, do you have to run Build A if Build C finishes successfully? If not, I would think you could add a snapshot dependency to Build A so that it is dependent on Build B. By linking builds with snapshot dependencies, you're creating a Build Chain. If you link the builds into a build chain, it should ensure the latest Build B is used in Build A. You can also choose to promote an older version of Build B to Build A, if necessary.


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