Grepping over all build logs


we need to grep through large amounts of build logs. To my understanding this isn't supported by TeamCity and we are thinking about including the build logs in the build artifacts.

When looking into this topic I started to wonder where the build logs are actually stored by TeamCity?

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Currently, outside of the web UI, you can only access the build log in the form of a .log or .zip using the following URLs:

To download the build log in the .log format:


To download the build log in an archived .zip format:


It is possible to search the build logs from the TeamCity web UI, but this feature is disabled by default. You can enable it by adding the Internal Property of to your TeamCity server and resetting the search cache. After reindexing, you'll be able to search the build logs from the TeamCity search feature in the web UI. This information is available in our documentation here:

Are you looking to have some sort of log file analyzer ingest the log files? We do have a feature request regarding making it easier for 3rd party tools, such as Splunk, to ingest the build log files. If this is your case, please have a look at TW-70897

Otherwise, if you're looking for a way to search the build logs via some script, it would seem that publishing the build log as an artifact may be the most efficient way to achieve these results. 


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