Artifact Pending Deployment

I am working to split our build and deployment process.  I have successfully taken the single build and deploy task and broken it into a build artifacts task and then a deploy artifacts task.  The goal is to reduce the deployment time by pre-building the artifacts.  The issue I'm having is that now when the artifacts auto-build on VCS check-in there is no notification on the deploy artifacts task that a newer set of artifacts are ready for deployment.  It used to be we would manually trigger a combined build and  deploy task and Teamcity would show us the pending VCS changes so there was a way to tell if the server had not been updated with the latest VCS version yet.  Now however, a person has to go check the build times on two different build tasks and compare them manually to determine if any pending changes are not deployed to the server.  Ideally, I'd like to figure out how to show the same pending changes display that shows with VCS changes but instead if shows only if there is a newer artifact version from the linked Artifact dependency of the task.

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