Team City Win Service seems hanging after a while / Website not reachable


After two weeks server stopps working from time to time. 
The Webinterface is not reachable and jobs are not finished.

Teamcity-winservice.log is fully filled with log entry´s see example below.

Restart Service or even sometimes Restart Windows Server 2016 solved the issue temporary.
Diskspace is available
Memory is available

Any Idea, whats going on here?

[2021-08-05 01:41:36,013] console [Info] [2021-08-05 01:41:35,980] WARN [1'; VCS Periodical executor 53] - tp.impl.auth.HttpAuthenticator - NEGOTIATE authentication error: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Failed to find any Kerberos tgt))
[2021-08-05 01:41:46,011] console [Info] [2021-08-05 01:41:45,924] WARN [3'; VCS Periodical executor 44] - tp.impl.auth.HttpAuthenticator - N
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Hello Benjamin,

Could you please share:

1) a set of server thread dumps taken when the server is unresponsive (as per this article) - chances are you would have some taken automatically, in which case you could find them in logs/threadDumps-<date> folder;
2) teamcity-server.log.* and teamcity-winservice.log.* files covering the time of issue? 

You could do so in a private manner via - please let me know the upload ID so I can access the files. 


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