Slack Notifier no longer works with http server URL

A couple of weeks ago our TeamCity setup worked fine with the official Slack Notifier posting messages to our Slack channel via a Slack App (bot). Then our server machine broke down and I reinstalled and recreated our previous setup.

However, now I noticed that our slack notifications no longer worked, so I checked the Slack App data and found out that Slack no longer supports regular http redirect URLs. I need to input a https URL or else the Slack App UI won't accept it. I also wrote to Slack asking them about the change and they said that it's for security and won't be changed even if that breaks existing apps.

Would it be possible to change the Slack Notifier so that it still works with http server URLs, maybe via Slack Webhooks?

It feels unreasonable for my company to setup TeamCity to support https and I honestly think we don't need it since it only runs within the closed company network. The only access to the outside is the slack notifier, but I wouldn't want to go through all of the hassle just for that.

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