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I am new to TeamCity and was very surprised (negative) that the default team city agent does not support JDK 11. It still has jdk1.8 installed.  JDK 1.8 is EOL since Jan 2019. And JDK11 will be EOF at the end of this year. Why do I have still to build my own agent with JDK 11 installed? Or did I miss something?

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Hi Christian,


TeamCity on premises includes Java 11 by default, so yes, it is supported. We have a request to upgrade our docker images to java 11:, but java in those images has not been updated so far because demand for it has been low and upgrading it might break projects that depend on java 8, so we prefer to be safe.


Additionally, versions 8 and 11 are the only LTS versions available right now, and the official documentation for most vendors, including the one we ship, states that support for both will continue for several years: EOL for 1.8 was only for Oracle's commercial release, which we stopped using immediately after the announcement, not for the JDK as a whole.


You can find the reasoning for not forcing the switch yet here:

And our dockerfiles to create your own custom agent here:


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