Recent build not shown despite branch being 'active' according to documentation

Today I ran a build of an old branch. The build ran normally and passed. However, once complete the build was not then shown in the list of recent builds for the build configuration.

The branch is open, so as far as I can tell this means the build configuration must consider that the branch is not active.

I checked the TeamCity documentation which states:

A branch is considered active if:

  • it is present in the VCS repository and has recent commits (i.e. commits with the age less than the value of the integer parameter teamcity.activeVcsBranch.age.days, 7 days by default).

  • or it has recent builds (i.e. builds with the age less than the value of the integer parameter teamcity.activeBuildBranch.age.hours, 24 hours by default).
    A closed VCS branch with builds will still be displayed as active during 24 hours after last build. To remove closed branches from display, set teamcity.activeBuildBranch.age.hours=0.

For this build configuration, these two parameters are set to 999 and 0 respectively. (These are set at project level but inherited at build configuration level.) Because teamcity.activeBuildBranch.age.hours is set to 0, no builds will meet the second criterion. However, the most recent commit to this branch, although quite old (approx 400 days), is much less old than 999 days, so I would expect this branch to meet the first criterion above. The branch should therefore be considered active and its builds should appear in recent history.

When I changed teamcity.activeBuildBranch.age.hours from 0 to 24 the build immediately appeared in the list of recent builds (and disappeared when I changed it back to 0), so that parameter seems to be working correctly. But no value of teamcity.activeVcsBranch.age.days seems to cause the new build to show.

Is there a "max value" for teamcity.activeVcsBranch.age.days which means that my setting of 999 (or much higher numbers) won't be honoured? Or could there be another reason this build isn't showing in the list of recent builds?

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