Clean checkout when agent is updated\restarted



Using 2019.2 (build 71499). Whenever an agent is updated or restarted, the next build will use a clean checkout. The message logged is: Agent doesn't have any version of the project sources

I think I've traced this to the checkoutdir-revisions file residing in the agent tmp folder, which gets cleaned on restart. Should that file be there? All references to it I can find place it in the system folder. 

I'd really like to find a fix for this, any help much appreciated.


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Hi Simon,

This shouldn't be happening if the agent's caches are stored on a persistent volume. Do you launch the agent regularly or inside the container? If it's the latter, please let me know if any volumes are mounted to it. 

Could you please provide us with an example? A build log downloaded from the UI, teamcity-agent.log, and teamcity-server.log for the same timeframe should be enough. You can upload logs here:, don't forget to let me know the upload id.

Please note that you are using an outdated TeamCity version that is no longer supported. We don't provide regular technical support for not-supported versions, and they are extremely unlikely to receive any further fixes. Please consider upgrading to the latest version available. There were a lot of fixes and improvements since your version's release. You can find release notes for a particular release on this page. A summary of what's new in each particular release can also be found on this page.

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Hi Mikhail - thanks for your detailed reply. We now have a target date to upgrade to a newer version, so I'll see if that solves the problem, or else submit the logs. Thanks again

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Solved - we had been configuring the systemDir in agent config to point to the agent temp folder! 


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