SSH exit code failure conditions


Hi all,

I have a build step, which is exit by "SSH exit-code 2". But I don't need to fail my build step. Even if I get this error, the build step wouldn't stop.


I found an option to avoid this kind of error but that is applicable only for "command line runner"


Is there any option or plugin to achieve this? Thanks




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Hi Khopithan Sathiyakeerthy,

What build step type do you use for the step that exits with SSH exit-code 2?

By default, all non-zero exit codes are treated as errors. See this article

You can disable this for the entire build by disabling the 'one of the build steps exited with an error (e.g., non-zero exit code in command line runner).

You can also update the build status using service messages. Or you can detect the exit code before the step actually exists and set it to zero.


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