Deprecated password authentication with github warning

Hello community can you please help me out, not very knowledgeable in this area

I got an email from git saying that personal password is no longer gonna be supported and that team city was using it so I went into GitHub and generated a token and added to the VCS in the, after our next deploy I got an email from GitHub saying, you are still using the password dummy, so I asked our server guy to update TeamCity as we were several versions behind, so he did and we ran a deploy again today. I pay a visit to the VCS again and saw my Authentication method was set to Password/Token. I got no email from GIT this time saying I was dummy and "Developer Settings/Personal access tokens" mention TeamCity has used it but TeamCity keeps saying  this ▼▼▼▼ any ideas ?? Thanks 

git) is using deprecated password authentication with and will soon stop working  
Please consider switching to either personal access token or to SSH private key authentication.
Edit VCS root

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Hello Ivazquez,

This issue occurs because password authentication for git operations has been recently deprecated (mid-august). Tokens or ssh keys are to be used instead. 
I would advise you to try to use SSH. You can set it under the github account that you are using here:
You can also find the following guide on how to use it:
Then you can add it to TeamCity and edit your VCS root settings to use it instead of Password/token as documented here:
Please let me know if this helped you or if you have any more questions!

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