TeamCity: Accessing HealthStatusItem.additionalData from JSP

I can't find a way to access HealthStatusItem.additionalData in my plugin's JSP page.
I am in the process of developing a Custom Server Health Report plugin that will follow the advice given by the page

Right now I can display a HealthStatusItem by passing it to a Consumer in as recommended. I'm using a subclass of HealthStatusItemPageExtension to present it. However, the JSP page rendered by the plugin is currently a static one.

The documentation suggest creating the HealthStatusItem object with custom additional data.
>> While reporting items, additional data required for further items presentation could be provided.
>> additionalData - additional data which can be used to render human visible description of the inspection instance

So I've assembled and passed some custom additionalData. But I can't figure out a way to access this from the JSP page. How could I do that? I use the traditional UI currently.



The additionalData is a map of values that you can access in the JSP as follows

<c:set var="scriptName" value="${healthStatusItem.additionalData['scriptName']}"/>

If you want to see more take a look at the health reports in a plugin I developed a few years ago, JSP view and the report.




So easy! Thank you so much, Rod!
Examining your plugin's code will also be a great experience as switching to Kotlin is my next goal. Thanks again.


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