Branch builds not appearing in custom build Dependencies

We have two builds, A and B. B has a snapshot and artifact dependency on A. I triggered B on a feature branch and team city correctly triggered both builds on that branch. Build A ran fine. Build B failed because of a thirty party software license issue. When I go to re-trigger build B as a custom build, my recent successful feature branch build of A does not show up in the drop down. We recently upgraded to team city 2020.2 and if I scroll through the list, I see feature branch builds from before our upgrade. 

Any idea of what is going on and how to get my new feature branch builds to show up in the dependency list?

The first image shows the dialog I am referring to and you can see that only recent default branch builds are visible.


This second image shows me scrolling down further in the list and you can see older feature branch builds as selectable:


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