Unable to install NuGet.exe



I recently started a trial period for TeamCity Cloud. Currently, I created a simple build pipeline from a GitHub repo. It has only two steps:

1. .NET Build

2. Restore NuGet packages

The source repo has NuGet.config with repositories. Just in case, I also added them to the build step.

It fails with the following error:

Cannot start build runner1

Failed to find NuGet executable

Cannot start build runner1
Path to NuGet.exe is not provided via runner parameter nuget.path
So, as far as I understand, this indicates that no NuGet cli is installed on any agents. According to the following help topic, I need to install a NuGet version in my server's administration section: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/teamcity/nuget.html#NuGet+Packages+Cache+Clean-up+on+Agents
However, I do not have Tools there:

 Hi Dmitry, 

Could you try to add a .NET step with the "restore" command (instead of NuGet Restore)? Would that work for you? 


Hello Nadia,

Yep, this helps. Thank you!


I encountered this same issue:  no "Tools" under "Administration"... so no way to install nuget.exe.

I see from Nadia Burnasheva's answer that the "Nuget Restore" step doesn't work but the .NET step did (for Dmitry Romenskiy).

So, for me, it seems the NuGet Pack, etc. steps that are available in TeamCity Cloud don't work.  But if I used the .NET step with the command I wanted ("pack", e.g.), I achieved the same thing.

I just wanted to elaborate on this in case other users encountered the same issue.


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