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Hello everyone: I have a licensing question.

We have a "Professional" server, and we needed just more agents so we bought two agent packs [(+1 agent, +10 Build Config) x2].

The build agents say their Maintenance upgrade expires in one year, but license expires N/A.

What happens if I don't pay the renewal fee?

- Do I still get to use the +2 agents?

- What does "maintenance' on the agent do?



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Hello Joshua,

TeamCity licenses are perpetual for the TeamCity versions they cover. The license key is valid for any version of TeamCity released before the license purchase as well as for any version released within the maintenance period. Licenses valid for the major release (changes in the first two release numbers) are also considered valid for the corresponding minor (bugfix) updates (changes in the third release number).

As a quick illustration, suppose you have bought the license at the start of the 2021; the 2021.1 release is already out, and we expect 2021.2 to be available in late Autumn of this year. As the maintenance period covers one year from the date of purchase, you may use this license with 2021.1.X and 2021.2.X releases (when available), as well as with any earlier version of TeamCity. For any newer release, you would need to renew the license.

Please let me know if this helps.


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