Access to health items using rest api

Hi, we are using TeamCity Enterprise 2020.1.3 (build 78866) and I'm looking for a functionality to get a list of all health items with desired category. I didn't find any documentation about the health api so I was able to find this request: app/rest/health?locator=project:_Root,healthCategory:vsettingsCommitErrorCategory return the all issues I want to get.

The problem is that I can't match that issues to specific project, only got the HealthItemId which I can't find anywhere else.

On TC UI I can get what I need: /admin/healthStatusItems.html?categoryId=vsettingsCommitErrorCategory but this is not through api so not an easy way to get it from Powershell. I need the list of that projects:
All of the projects are using the same VCS root.

Is there any way to get a list of projects with vsettingsCommitErrorCategory error using rest api?

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