Builds failed "Unable to collect changes" on <default> branch


I have configured few builds (Same configuration for all).
For example look on build "Version". When build starting from branch "develop" - everything is ok, build has status "success".

Sometimes (i do not know why?) build is starting from <default> branch and has always status "failed" with "Unable to collect changes".
Build "Version" is triggered (via scheduler) by another build "X".
I tested repo form error infromation and it's ok when build is running from branch develop. Problem is only when <default> branch is set.
I dont know why this build is runing from <default>???

I do not see branch <default>

I tried use "Branch filter" in Version Control Setting -:<default> it doesn't change anything.






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I have the same problem, after upgrading to version 2021.1.2 from 2020.*.*


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